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    99 Bottles of Beer in ... all programming language

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    Some papers

    A few months ago I published on my homepage three papers:

    - Bachelor’s project - Concept development and realization of a project on the WiMAX wireless access network for Blizne (municipality of Jasienica)

    - Analysis and comparison of indoor propagation models

    - Measurement of walls attenuation and other characteristic elements of the indoor environment in the 2.4 GHz

    All papers are in Polish (unfortunately). The results of measurement are also on Polish Wikipedia. Now I’m working on new papers:

    - Comparison of algorithms resolving the shortest path problem on real GPS+GIS application. (I’ve implemented map and graphic module with OpenStreetMap API)

    - Base station location optimization.

    I’ll publish it June.

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    The best method of securing WiFi

    The best method of securing WiFi

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    Programming in Android


    I’ve bought Samsung Galaxy i7500 and I’ve started programming in Android with Java. Firstly I was afraid about Java language - everything is an object, and there aren’t indicator, so how I can programming?

    I configured Eclipse IDE with ADT plugin, and now I’m trying write my first application. It’ll be simple BMI calc, something similar to my previous application for Windows Mobile (there you find it). When I done I let you know.

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    Hello world, hello tumblr.

    It’s my first post on tumblr and it is also my first blog writing in English. I’ll be writing about wireless technology like LTE, UMTS, WiFi and about student’s life in Wrocław (Poland).

    I am Łukasz Jasiński and start my journey with tumblr.


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